Posted by: Ed | January 7, 2009


It was so good to be back speaking this weekend. The 1st weekend of January is always kind of unique. As one friend who has stated in her new blog, it’s like the year is pregnant with possibilities! I like breaks but I’m just enough of a routine kind of person that I like it when I’m back into some kind of flow.


Here are a couple of personal highlights:
•    21 DAYS OF FASTING & PRAYER – I’m excited that we are embarking on this journey together. Even though I may not be fasting on a particular day over the next 3 weeks, WE will be. I prayed today (Tuesday) for those who are trying this out, for whom fasting is a new experience. Like any other spiritual discipline, there is a learning curve to fasting. I’m praying for a supernatural bending of that curve that will entice us to pursue God even more.


•    MORE ON FASTING – I’m stoked at how many people signed up & dove in on the 1st weekend! Very cool. I love how responsive our hearts are.



•    DANGEROUS – As I gave the message, I had a growing conviction that this theme is from God, that it really is a word from God at some level for us. I sense that God is stirring. I got an unusual amount of feedback – all positive so far – on how people felt “inspired”. That was the most common word. My aim was to stir up longing. I felt like a guy standing at dock at a port city trying to sell people a ticket to a ship sailing to a new world.


•    TREVOR DAVIS & BAND – I love having Trevor at journey. We have him enough to where he feels comfortable & can really lead us in worship & to where we feel comfortable & free to respond to him. He has a great voice, a gift for writing insightful songs, he brings a great band. And most of all he’s a GOOD GUY – he loves Jesus, is an authentic soft hearted follower of the Lord. He always gets something out of the message when he’s here. He’s humble. It won’t be too long before he’s back at Journey.


•    COME BACK FACTOR – Several of us were praying for all the people who came on Xmas Eve who were checking things out. On Friday a guy came up who had been brought. We talked for a while, he seemed like a nice fellow. Here’s the cool part: the people that brought him weren’t able to be at church this weekend due to a family emergency. He STILL CAME. That’s wild!
•    2 POLAR OPPOSITE SURF DAYS – Saturday morning was rainy & nasty here in SD, but one of my lame brain surf compadres still was paddling out. He called me from the beach challenged my manhood & told me there were some rideable waves. It worked down I went – it was crazy, but we had a blast – the only 2 knuckleheads in the H2O. Then on Monday, it was sunny, the wind was off shore, a new swell was in – it was an hour of prime 2 -4 ideal fun – my new board was perfecto! (Props Ken & Clint). Then the wind shifted & garbaged stuff up, but that 1st hour… wow.
•    DESERT DAYS – After surfing I headed out for my monthly solitude days. I spent a lot of Monday night with the theme of our Fasting & Prayer season: WHAT? I’ll post some on this tomorrow.

We’re off to a great start in 2009. See you next weekend … TAPE THE GAME!



  1. You said in Sunday’s service that God has a sense of humor (regarding you being a pastor). Well, God had a sense of humor regarding my fasting. I abstained from coffee and wine instead of food and while I’m by no means a hardcore caffeine addict, my fast coincided with two lousy nights of sleep and two bodaciously long and demanding days. Thus, leaving me in a fog of fatigue and PINING for that cup of Joe many times over. “What God, what?” I kept asking myself. What a brilliant question. He actually spoke back, clear as a bell so now I’m asking that daily and will do the fast again.

    Regarding the game, it’s 4:45 ET – Providence for those of us without recording devices in our homes (or the knowledge of how to work them). If you saw my blog post “Ode to the Chargers and my Father”, last Sunday’s victory was especially sweet and filled with God’s Grace.

    As for technology, Blessings to podcasts as I’m going to have to miss two weekends this month on a topic God wants to BROADCAST in SURROUND SOUND into my life. I loved your comment, “there is no real joy without fear.” As I have a gene for cowardice, I’m always struck by the fact that the root word of courage comes from the french word “couer”, meaning heart. I think to live dangerously for God, we have to be BRAVE IN THE HEART. I pray to God I can be more in my heart – more present, more with Him and less in my mind, ego and fears, which always seem to rule the show. Shalom and I look forward to your comments on fasting, prayer and solitude.

  2. PS – Cool tent/drape things on the stage and Trevor’s music was wonderful.

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