Posted by: Ed | December 1, 2008


It is always a little strange to me to NOT be speaking on a weekend. That’s especially the case in a weekend like this one in which I’m able to just sit back & enjoy the service. And enjoy it I did. It was a communion-oriented service with kind of a community emphasis. Sarah Merk, Todd Tolson & Rod Kaya (click on their names for their blogs) taught & led us through the service. I loved being back & worshipping with our community.

CHRISTMAS IS OFFICIALLY ROLLING – We got our tree on Saturday. Our season commences with a fight over which tree, how big, what kind of pine, flocked (Ed & Bethany… we have NEVER won) or green (everyone else – the oppressors). Anyway here’s the tree. BTW – tree prices are down this year.


DEAR FRIENDS FROM EL SALVADOR – I didn’t get to mention this but we had 2 wonderful friends from El Salvador staying with us fro a few days a week or so ago. Nelson & Rosemary Rivas have hosted me countless times on ministry trips to San Salvador. They are now planting a church in Guatemala City. Rosemary came with their daughter Daniela (whom I’ve known since she was a baby). It’s her 15th b-day & in for a kind of Quinsinera gift they are touring California. We had a ball hosting them. We were able to introduce them to sushi.



COFFEE WITH BRAD HANDSEN – Brad is the Pastor of Worship Arts at Bonita Valley Community Church (click here) but more to the point, Brad and I have been friends since I first became a Christ follower. Brad recruited me into youth ministry by talking me into taking our Junior High students to Forest Home Camp – that only lasted for 2 decades. Anyway since we are both in SD we try & get together every so often & I always feel refreshed & encouraged after hanging out with Brad. Here’s a pic of Brad in his mid-life crisis car.


THIS WEEK – I’m planning to get a couple of days this week in some desert solitude. I’m looking forward to a little time to pray & reflect. December is a pretty intense ministry month. I want to be as ready as possible.



  1. A woman preaching in the pulpit was great! Sarah delivered. We love all of you on staff at Journey.

    The Thanksgiving communion table was an amazing picture of God’s overflowing love.


  2. Ed, your son David looks like a little you. May he live up to his name’s sake in passion for the Lord. It’s cool to see a picture of the fam. Say what’s up to them for me.

    Your bread is currently sitting in the form of grain in our closet. But don’t worry, when you least expect it the colon blo will arrive on your doorstep…

    – Mark

  3. Great family photo – Did Miss Bethany cut her hair?

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