Posted by: Ed | November 11, 2008


We kicked off a new series, OUT OF CONTROL, this weekend. Here’s the naked truth: I planned this series. I did it to myself. But this series kicks my butt. I’m convicted at every turn.
This is a chance for any of you who’d like some insight into how preaching works to take a peak behind the curtain – DO pay attention to the man behind the certain (Wizard of Oz reference).


There are some who think that preaching is the person on the stage kicking down nuggets gleaned on the way to victory lane where they dwell. It is thought that they embody to the ultimate degree all the degree. Of course the guy doing the preaching either A. Thinks that this is actually true (he’s deluded) or B. Knows that this is not true but feels the expectation (he’s faking it) or C. Decides to consciously deconstruct this idea and present oneself as a fellow traveler on the Journey with Jesus.


Most every one of my friends that has the privilege to preach is a combo of B & C – trying to live out C, but occasionally & in varying degrees giving into B.

The reason I’m going into this is that some series, some messages, more than others, force you to face how much mercy one needs to preach & teach. This highlights to you that ministry, any ministry is a grace gift of God.

Now a few highlights from this weekend:
•    POOR PENMENSHIP COMING BACK TO BITE ME – One of the main points of the message was that some of that inner tension stems from our conflict between our professed & real beliefs – is Jesus really RIGHT about life? Have we actually become Christ followers? I borrowed an idea from John Ortberg who borrowed it from Dallas Willard’s Renovation of the Heart.


•    WORSHIP SET – I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but our worship was powerful. There was a lot of anointing on the last 2 songs.



•    PRAYER FOR THE PERSECUTED CHURCH – This weekend we joined thousands of other churches in praying for the persecuted church around the world. Jonathan Cervantes heads us this ministry for us. How I thank god that He raised Jonathan up to lead us & stir up prayer at Journey in this area.



•    SELAH – What a great time of communing with God. I think it’s important to have some time in the life of our church in which we just spend time with God. We pray. We worship & we let God set the agenda. I always feel a little apprehension, but God always does some pretty cool things.  I do see progress in our ability to hear God speaking.
•    Saturday fun… Monday, not so much – Saturday was great. It was one of those ultra fun surf days – warm, sunny, good wavers, no wind. That evening my friend Roy Cochran led a little worship gathering & shared about his ministry with worship foundations. Monday, I woke up sick. Drug myself out of bed. I did decide to get some work done & that worked out pretty well.

Weekends are great! Bring on the next one!



  1. Just want to encourage you on this new series, and in general. We love your teaching so much and we are constantly in prayer for you. You have taught our family so much.

  2. God really must be working in all of our lives. I know he uses you and your words of wisdom to direct our lives. the service was great and i cant wait to here the rest of the services. we can all put our selves in the shoes of out of control. Many prayers for you and extended grace from God. Keep up the good work. Also i love coming to the Selahs prayer is a powerful thing.

  3. This past week was my first Selah. What a powerful time of worship and praise. I realy felt that the Holy Spirit met us and filled the house with His presence. I will definitely make it a point to be there for future Selahs.
    I want to encourage Ed in delivering the Out of Control series. The first message really blessed me, and I feel that God has so much for us in the coming weeks. I will be praying for His anointing on Ed and his ministry.

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