Posted by: Ed | October 12, 2008


This weekend, I like several other friends that I know of, are addressing our economic crisis in our weekend messages. (I did the 1st of our 3 services last night – AWESOME MESSAGE – Just kidding. I felt like I struggled a bit).

On Friday morning I received an email forward from someone from Journey that was about a day of prayer for the worlds economies. Often if an email has the FW in the subject line I just delete it. As many of you know who email me, I get way more email than I can respond to in a timely manner. Anyway, I open this email & see this day of prayer mentioned (Oct 29) and as I scroll down I see that it’s from Cindy Jacobs.

For those of you who don’t know her, Cindy Jacobs is, from where I sit, a little bit out there. She traffics in the prophetic, is a little controversial, and has taken her fair share of criticism. I’m not totally comfortable with all that she says frankly. BUT (large BUT here) I have heard her in person and I will say this: she hears from God! I will leave it to another post to sort through the theology of all of this, but I believe the hand of God is on this lady, but she’s out there.

I see in this call to pray for the global economies 10 prayer points. I’m assuming, to my shame, that I will read the typical stuff that you tend to hear when calls for prayer for nations is mentioned. Then I actually read them. I can hardly get through them without choking up. WOW! I mentioned them in the message last night. I think they are MONEY! (Pun intended)

Let’s pray them! I think this would be a deep & rich exercise of the spirit.

Urgent Prayer Points
Here are a few suggested prayer points for the day:
1. Repent for any personal greed. Ask God to show you any personal connection that you have with mammon.
2. Repent for the economic sins of your nation. Ask God to forgive the greed, avarice, participation in mammon, etc., that has taken place in your nation’s economic system.
3. Repent for any excessive participation in debt. Ask God to give a strategy both to you, personally, and to your country to heal your economies.
4. Repent for a lack of love for the poor. Ask God to forgive any way in which you and your nation have not addressed the needs of the poor, either in the workforce or through racism.
5. Cry out to God for mercy for your nation. Plead with Him according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 and pray that your nation will turn from any wicked ways.
6. Pray for wisdom for the leaders of your nation on how to deal with the current financial crisis.
7. Ask God to stabilize the nation’s economy, putting the lid back on the box as shown in the dream given.
8. Begin to intercede and ask God to establish righteousness in the stock exchange, expose corruption, and bring to justice those who have sinned against God and the nation. Ask God to heal the economy.
9. Pray that God will raise up an economy based upon biblical principles.
10. Intercede that a great revival will break out in the marketplace as a result of the shaking. Pray that God will begin to give wisdom in the midst of the shaking – to shift the wealth of nations into the hands of the righteous.



  1. While literally thousands of Christians in San Diego are in prayer and fast over Prop8, which culminates on Nov 1st @Qualcomm, it came to my attention both the Fast and our present economic meltdown are interrelated. God is moving mightily in the area of our sexual iniquities , it makes sense that He concurrently would remove the hedges people have built around themselves claiming an economic sanctuary for themselves. I believe God is about to remove those economic hedges the lost, indeed those Christians too, have grown against Christ, thinking we are safe. These are awesome times.

  2. It was an awesome message Ed and I’m not just saying that to make up for getting on your case today.

  3. Thank you Ed for addressing the economy last sunday. Like so many others, it has affected me. I worked in the mortgage biz for WAMU and lost my job on June 30th. When they gave us our 60 day notice I immediately went to work on starting my own business – totally unrelated to the mortgage business. I’ve since opened a window store. My daughter jokingly said “Mom, when God closes a door, he opens a Window Store”. And so, I’ve made God the CEO of my company. This is all a learning experience for me and when I’m feeling discouraged and anxious, I have a heart to heart with God and it never fails, something great happens. Anyway Ed, thank you again for your message and every message. I look forward every sunday to what you have to say.


  4. C Jacobs is the bomb.

    bring back the prophetic voice to the Church :)

  5. “If there be among you a poor man of one of thy brethren within any of thy gates in thy land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not harden thine heart, nor shut thine hand from thy poor brother” (Deut 15:7, King James Version).

    Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away” (Matthew 5:42).
    Are we taking care of our bretheren during their financial crisis? Chrisian’s spending millions of dollars for their own comfort, but on the otherside a starving population is there.
    We have to take care of them too

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