Posted by: Ed | October 5, 2008


This week was interesting in a lot of ways – we had a vice presidential debate that was more watched than the Presidential one that preceded it… by A LOT. We have all of Ed’s favorite baseball teams in the post-season Cubs, Angels, Dodgers – the former of which were heart-breakingly swept as I type – what was that game 2?

I have to digress to confess that I only have a passing interest in baseball until the post season. I also must confess that I hate east coast teams especially the Red Sox & the Yankees.

O.k. where was I? O yeah, Joseph series.

Early this week I get an email from one of our pastors Todd Tolson (Todd’s blog) wondering if there might be merit in taking a weekend to address the crazy uncertain times we are in. The next day I bring it up with Rod Kaya (blog) in the morning. We come up with a couple of possible scenarios. (BTW – I’m aware that they have the same name as the Flanders kids – Rod & Todd). We decide to get some input from our programming team. They are all positively disposed. At this point we are thinking of a stand-alone message.

The next day Rod has lunch with someone who works in the financial world. In talking about the current situation, he casually remarks – “yeah, this is just like what Joseph dealt with in Egypt.” (Not an exact quote). Boom outa here! There it is… let’s deal with that big chunk of J’s life that dealt with times of serious economic uncertainty. On Friday I get an email from Mike who feels like it’s a real need at church right now – like a lot of churches we have been pretty challenged in the giving area the last few weeks.

So, next week: WHEN THE WORLD FEELS SHAKEY – Bouncing Back in the middle of uncertainty.

This won’t be a lecture on Macro Economics (although who better than me, a guy who can’t balance his checkbook). It’s going to be about the issue of uncertainty. It’s going to be more macro than the perishable & relatively micro issue of money. It’s going to be about the Kingdom of God… Well I think. I haven’t started working on it yet.

I appreciate your prayers for ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church.



  1. Hey Bro:

    On Sacred Space they had this cool prayer to pray during the week, I thought it was cool and could help during your prep time and or message.

    Something to think and pray about this week

    Lord, all this financial turmoil seems to touch my prayer in two ways.

    Sometimes I feel moral indignation at the greed of the fat cats whose desire for ever-greater profits has exploited the weak. I hope that they may move from blindness to a sense of the real world of people, and realize the futility of their greed that wants more and more money. “What does it profit to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of your soul?” (Mark 8:36) But I know that such indignation is not always from the good spirit; it may be mixed with Schadenfreude in which there is little charity. I need to watch it.

    At other times I feel fear and insecurity for myself and my loved ones. This pushes me to look at myself. Does insecurity make me more self-seeking and less caring about the needs of others, lessening my humanity, clouding my sense that people matter more than money? Or does this worldwide turmoil strengthen my compassion? Poverty is not good in itself, but where it leads to a deeper dependence on God and coexists with generosity it can be a rare grace – remember Jesus marveling at the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-43).

    ‘Trop est avare à qui Dieu ne suffit.’
    You’re too greedy if God is not enough for you.

    Have a great morning!

  2. Hi Ed, Big Topic but not too big for our God.

    I am getting ready to go to Brooklyn Tabernacle on 10/21/2008 for a Day of Renewal with Strategic Ministries, Daniel Henderson and Brooklyn Tabernacle,, Jim Cymbala. In my preparation to go I noticed that Generals Interrcession is going to be there a week after our group. Different Church but same city, different day 10/29/08. They are calling it Convergeance 08 and some of the heavy weights will be in attendance to Pray for the economy. They will have apostolic and prophetic ministries on hand to pray at Wall Street and the United Nations, The Federal Reserve, etc.

    There is much stirring in the Body of Christ and I look forward to what the Spirit Of God will say to us through varous ministries and through you. It is great to go abroad and see or get a different perspective but I truly value the perspective that God teaches us ALL through your ministry at Journey Community Church (The Local Church).

    I will be praying for you that you hear what the Spirit of God is saying to us (the body of believers) and that you deliver it with the grace and power and strength that will meet uncertainty and crisis with the love of God and the sure hope of eternity.

    Leveled By The Holy Spirit,
    Steven Johnson

  3. Wow. The above posts say a lot…

    I don’t mean to negate the vast complexity of today’s economy but whenever I worry about money, I like to read Matthew 6:25-34. “That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life – whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear…”

    And while you think ahead to next week’s sermon, I’m still in the last one on forgiveness. I couldn’t stop thinking about how we learn to forgive ourselves (as well as others). Having a loved one who committed suicide (in despair and because she couldn’t forgive herself), I hope she feels God wrapping His arms around her, telling her, “you are good; not bad.” Shame is so debilitating. I keep thinking on this issue of how to forgive oneself and to know God forgives us for our imperfections.

  4. Ed, I can’t wait to podcast this message.

    How ’bout the reflection/prayer from sacred space? Wow.

    Back to earth… I’m pulling for the Dodgers big-time. It would be so story book for the Dodgers to beat the Red Sox in the Series.

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