Posted by: Ed | October 2, 2008


A couple of times I’ve mentioned Al – a friend from Journey who has been battling cancer. He found out that he had a cancerous brain tumor.

There is a rising tide of prayer at Journey. There are all kinds of cool prayer ministries & movements popping up. People are diving into all type of prayer things. Also the intensity level & faith level seems to be increasing.

So here’s where these two threads come together. I loved the way people rallied around Al to pray for him, to support him, intercede for him & sustain him in prayer. He want in for brain surgery to remove the tumor this Monday. When we prayed together on Sunday we planned for me to come by & see him on Wednesday (today) figuring that he would be out of ICU & conscious by then.

So today I make my way to UCSD medical center this afternoon & found out where his room was & made my way there. I saw at a distance a guy in the standard hospital gown gingerly making his way into the room using a walker. “There he is, at a boy! Up & around already” I thought. WRONG! I walked into the room, Al’s rocking some warm ups, polo shirt & a ball cap standing up talking to a couple of people visiting his room. He gave me a hug & I’m like, “what the heck are you doing?” I was shocked. Dude is making a miraculous (I don’t use this word flippantly) recovery. This is the 2 of us today, some 38 hours after a cancerous brain tumor is removed. BTW – they are pretty sure they got it all, probably no radiation or chemo.

This made my day. Mucho rejoicing and we are all giving glory to God.



  1. Wow!! I should look so good! Praise God!!

  2. Selah.

  3. God is Good may he continue to bless and heal Al thanks for sharing the photo

  4. Wow !!! May God be praised and exalted for all He does to care for us in times of need. It is truly awesome to remember praying for Al and his Wife. God’s Presence was so evident to all of us as we gathered around him. And now to see that picture and know that God has done what only He could do. Puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart. When I see Al and give him a great big hug I will be embracing God’s handiwork.

    May our faith continue to rise and may many, many more get healed in Jesus Name. Amen. Steve

  5. Your prayers and true love with GOD has changed my life to the core! Please continue your faith in GODS healing powers for my situation and others as PRAYER is strong and gives us strenght ,faith ,courage , hope- when we get rocked with lifes challanges- thank-you

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