Posted by: Ed | September 26, 2008

ED-CHANTED DVDS – this is the pick up window

O.K. Lots of y’all want one of these… and for good reason. This is high quallity art, great acting & spiritual impact like you will find in few other films.

So as that song from the late 60s said, if you want it here it is come & get it.

OUT OF TOWN PEEPS: Send an email to me or to Journey to my attn [] with your address & we’ll mail it to you.

JOURNEY PEEPS: Pick it up this weekend. I will have them with me tonight (Friday, September 26) and /or try to remember to leave them with the Guest Services counter.

BTW – check out Rod Kaya’s blog every week for a preview of the weekend services & some ways you can be praying for the upcoming weekend. Click here.



  1. Okay, thanks. I hope I remember to get it on Sunday!

  2. Thank you Ed!!! Martha

  3. I forgot to ask you for it today! May I pick up next week?

  4. thanks ed for the dvd i picked it up on sunday….

  5. Thanks Ed,

    We watched it Sunday afternoon.

  6. Sorry I’m late with the thank you! THANK YOU!! I love it. It was cool to watch it on the TV this time rather than a little teeny tiny blurry box on my computer screen. I can’t wait to show my friends! I don’t know who does all Journey’s audiovisuals but they are awesome!

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