Posted by: Ed | September 23, 2008


For me, weekends are at least in feel, a Friday – Monday affair. They really are the center of my week every week & they seem to come on me fast & go by even faster. I’m sitting in my living room at the end of this one.

It was another great Journey weekend. Here are some of my reflections:
•    3 GOOD SERVICES ALL DIFFERENT – Each of the services were amazing in individual ways. I really sensed God wanted to break some strongholds in the area of bitterness. As I prepped for the message, I thought how mind-boggling it was that Joseph never gave into bitterness & how different the story of his life would have been if he did. How many of us have missed something that God wanted to give because of our own bitterness?

•    THIS IS CHURCH MOMENT – I asked some of our prayer team peeps to come early on Sunday morning to pray for Al & his brain tumor. He was scheduled for surgery to remove it on Tuesday. About 7 high impact prayers showed up. Several of them had Words from God. They all clearly came ready & all felt like they were to battle this. During the prayer time, several people felt burning heat as they touched the place the tumor was (is?). One of our prayer people was shaking so badly (just so you know, she’s not the shaking type ☺). When we got done there were lots of tears, lots of “I love you”s, hugs. I got done with saying to myself, “this is church!” (Another Hybles axiom). I also thought it’s so sad that some people don’t experience things like this, that there’s some people that are not part of “the church”. THANKS JESUS FOR INCLUDING ME IN THIS THING YOU’VE INCLUDING ME!
•    AIN’T NOTHING BUT A HOUSE PARTY! (Anyone know the band this alludes to?) On Saturday we hosted a party for about 30 people to say a huge “THANK YOU” to those who sacrificed & busted tail to make our daughter Charassa’s wedding happen. It would never have worked without them. Suzie, who worked with Linda for MONTHS, said she liked it & felt cared for. I sincerely pray that this was true of every single person who was there. It was a very fun night for us.
•    FUN SURFING WITH OLD FRIENDS – This weekend I surfed again with 2 old friends. First of all the guy I’ve probably surfed with the longest finally got his… um… self, back into the agua. Than I finally got my favorite board fixed & back from the shop – it’s my Walden Magic Performance Long Board! It’s a wave magnet, but seems to get dinged a lot & has some delamination in the foam so it’s days are limited, but it’s still the best surfing board I have.

•    FINALLY SOME JOY IN MUDVILLE – It’s 10:00 & finally the Chargers have a win! I was warned by many a SD native when I came here not to become a Charger fan – “they will break your heart!” I couldn’t help it. The Bears are in the NFC. Trent Dilfer is retired; I’ve long since abandoned the LA jilting Rams. Well after serious injustice last week (seriously, it was an outrage) the Bolts are finally off the schnide. Also in the baseball world (which I don’t care about till the fall) the Cubs, Angels & Dodgers are all headed for the post season.



  1. Re: This is Church

    Hi Ed, that really was a God ordained moment. You could feel the Presence of God as soon as we gathered, even before praying…

    Al is such a great guy with an even greater attitude and love for all things “Jesus”. The Love Of God was a very real thing this Sunday between very real people dealing with very real issues and medical conditions in peoples lives.

    That’s why I love serving on Prayer Teams. We get the priviledge of coming alongside what God is already doing. We get to pray ‘which is a very practical way that everyone can express love in our church’ to very real situations in people’s lives. We all get to experience the very real and powerful moving of the Spirit of God in our midst.

    Then we get to see what God does in response to our obedience to pray for the sick. We get to be the Church to someone, in this case Al – To God Be The Glory, Forever!!!

    Steve J

  2. Hey Ed,
    I’ve been struggling with bitterness so much lately, feeling so entitled. Such a stronghold in my life. Been asking God what He has for me in all of this, and feeling so much guilt and shame for my heart’s condition. Thank you for Sunday, it was so meant for me. Seeking for a soft heart that shows His love, it is so HARD. I’m ready to go there.

  3. Wah. Ed Noble has a blog. Did you drop your AOL account yet? 8>) It will be fun to read what you are doing. Hope as always you are well.

  4. Gina,
    Thanks for your feedback & honesty.
    May the Lord Bless You!

    Great to hear from you bro! I still pray weekly for you. Your poor son looks JUST LIKE YOU!


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