Posted by: Ed | September 21, 2008

enchantedED Video give away

You might remember our version of the Enchanted video musical number we did for our God at the Movies series. It is no longer available on this blog or Youtube for various reasons. But here’s the good news: for those of you that would like your own DVD of it I have a few sitting on my desk. One is already spoken for (S.T.) but there are a few others.

Here’s the deal. Simply respond on the blog. If you go to Journey, I’ll just hand it to you. If you are out of town, we’ll mail it to you.Here’s the rules – SIMPLY POST A COMMENT to this post & I’ll give them away till I run out.

Fair enough! O.k. ready….GO!




  1. I would like a copy of the dvd.

  2. Okay, so I just want to know why your video has been banned. Too much theological controversy?

  3. I loved that video and while it was up I sent the link to my family (in Maine) who thought we have a great pastoral staff that is willing to do such radical ‘pop’ cultural things as an outreach.

  4. i would like a copy of the dvd…..

  5. I would love a copy of it! But hold on to it, I’ll pick it up myself soon!

  6. i’d love a copy – it’s a classic

  7. Sweet, Free DVD, I’ll take two (JK)! Not sure if you got the last message I left you but it would be pretty cool to hear from you.


    Chris Beery

  8. I would LOVE a copy if you still have any. I watched that video several times and laughed out loud every time!!

  9. I want one! For sure.

  10. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one, my mom and watched and laughed and laughed. And my friends who don’t go sure got interested when I mentioned it! I would love to be able to show them!

  11. Hi Ed, It’s Matt from Calvary Church Santa Ana/OGN days.
    I just found your blog and bro I have already been challenged/inspired/moved by all the posts I have read through.

    You continue to be an example of what I want to be in ministry. Thanks!

    I don’t need a copy of the video, but just wanted to say what’s up.

  12. Me too, ME TOO!! May I have one? Mike and I, along with our daughters, really enjoyed it. It is diffenitely a LOL keeper.

  13. O.k. as I count it that’s 10! So let me know how you want me to get you the DVD & it will be yours. If you aren’t local, get your address to me & I’ll mail it to you. You can email me or call Journey & leave your address.

    Shalom to all,


  14. I would love a copy of this dvd!!!

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