Posted by: Ed | September 10, 2008


This was one of those weekends that were fun for me to be at Journey.
•    THE OTHER JOSEPH SERIES KICKS OFF – our team does a pretty good job of leveraging series beginnings & wrap-ups for a feel of momentum. Message wise it always takes more work to kick off a series. This is especially true when it’s a series that covers a big chunk of scriptural text. For me at least just feeling like I’m in the text enough that it is LIVING in me, that I’m entering into the story takes a lot of time. It’s a joy, but it takes time.
•    RECOVERING FROM OUR BACKGROUNDS – Every now & then you can tell that you are hitting a nerve right off the bat. This was one of those “now & then”s – I mean come on, all of us have some early stuff that has whacked us out somewhat.
•    TIME – I’m really trying to keep our messages in the time frame that we plan. I want every area of our church to win. We plan for 44 minutes – This week I was 49, 47:01 & 50 respectively. The best of the 3 from my perspective was the 47. I would appreciate prayer for this… seriously.
•    BAPTISM – of course the big event of this weekend was our Big Beach Baptism. Here are a few of my reflections on Monday:
o    It’s such a great day. I really do love seeing what you are doing. Such Joy! Such Abandon! Such Celebration!

o    I love the thought that we prayed together – “Jesus, it’s great to see you getting what you came for… You died for moments like this… even right now I’m moved thinking this thought.
o    I asked you to give me a word for people as I prayed for them – you seemed to with EVERY person. I loved running into ______ afterward & her saying – as if this day was not great enough, it’s like I could say, God you ARE paying attention to me.
o    I thought the Charger season opener would tank the attendance, but there were a lot of people there! The atmosphere was electric.

o    A good crowd & great attitudes – I love the prayer for people that our people do. I noticed that without thinking about it as I’m about to dunk (that’s what that’s what the Greek verb – baptidzo means) I say… “We baptize you…” not “I.” I love how we have the people there lay hands on the folks getting baptized & how they bless them & pray for them.

o    Different stories – from ¬¬¬¬¬_______ (long time with a Lutheran background) & to _____ who is a brand new Christ follower, new to Journey & making her way forward. Another person was baptized w/ their whole fam. One of the baptisms was all in Spanish. I love the God-glorifying stories that each one represents.

o    As we prayed – asking God to descend on the moment – very cool.

•    SURF’S UP – Monday I was treated to a great day of surfing. I couldn’t make myself get out of the water. Mondays in the fall are great – weather is still basically like summer. The water is warm. We get south swells & the beginning of the winter swells that come from the North & everyone is back to school, back to work or home from vacation! Monday was one of those perfect days – Chest high fun waves, just a handful of “broz” at a normally crowded spot. Therapy!



  1. I was really impressed and moved by the video with the teenagers holding their signs. Of course, some of them were funny but some cut deep. I’m going to have to look and see if it was put up on youtube or not. I’d love to see it again. See ya on Sunday!

  2. wow! my family and I made the blog! I have to say that getting baptised with my family and extended Journey family was great and the feeling is still lingering even as I write this.

  3. The baptism was amazing and the Journey community so welcoming. I was really touched by the people who reached out to me. What a gift. And yes, this time of year at the beach is stellar. The water equals bliss.

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