Posted by: Ed | September 1, 2008


You may know about the little boy, Max. I believe I had a post about him. A while back I felt led to stop the Friday night service & pray for him. His aunt, Randee (Randee & Mike are long time stellar people at Journey) got his mom on the phone & we prayed together for Max & this family.

Max passed away last night. You can see his blog that his mom kept here.

Will you take just a second & hold these people in the presence of God? Thanks. I knew you would.

As I was praying this morning about this, this was a part of the exchange I had with the Lord as recorded in my journal; it was instructive to me:

God, please, we need You to go there right now! (Ed, I’m already there, but this is a good prayer).

More on the weekend later today.

Shalom to you & Shalom to the Mikulak family.



  1. Thank you for your continued prayer and support during this difficult time. It is so hard to understand why Max had to leave and it is such a blessing to know how mightily God has and is continuing to use him. A little boy–forever 7–short life–huge impact!!! Blessings to you! Randee

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