Posted by: Ed | August 21, 2008


This weekend marks a milestone in our family. My oldest daughter Charissa is getting married to Andrew Ritchie this Sunday. Here are a few pics of my beautiful eldest daughter & her lucky husband to be.

I have prayed consistently since the day each of my 3 kids were born that if they married, that they would marry a sincere Christ follower. It is so cool that they met at Journey, that they both are sincerely & intensely following Christ, that there community at church is the center of there relational life & the cause of Christ is central to their affections.

I have still not processed all the feelings that one has. I really can’t tell you had weird this all is. That movie father of the bride has taken on new meaning. I’m sure I’ll post on this again, but I wanted to let you know.



  1. So happy for Charissa … but can’t believe she’s “all grown up”! Give her my love. And congrats to you and Linda too :)

  2. Too incredible, she is more than beautiful…..I was her “first” babysitter back in the Omaha days (South 52nd street if I remember correctly)……I don’t think she will need me anymore!!!!

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