Posted by: Ed | August 13, 2008

“IT” IS IT or “Come on… everybody’s doing IT”

The aftermath of the Leadership Summit is in part a tweaked reading list. I didn’t plan to pick any books (too many already on the launch pad) but ended up buying FOUR!

Some of us pastors are informally going to read some of them in the same order. It sounds like we are going to start with IT by Craig Groschel pastor of Life Church.TV (their 1st choice for a church name was “1st Baptist of Oklahoma City” but that was taken – JK). Craig’s message at the Summit was powerful. God definitely had my number during that session. Lots of the people that I talked to felt like Craig’s message was just for them & their ministry.

Wanna dive in? If you go to Journey it would be fun to have lots of people reading the same book even if you didn’t go to the Summit. If you are out of town IT would be a cool way to kind-of-sorta stay in touch.




  1. Great idea, Ed!

  2. I’m in, Ed. However, I would encourage anyone
    that has the book Axiom by Bill Hybels to read
    at least 1-2 axioms a day-each axiom is only a
    couple of pages long. I’m halfway through it
    (not IT) and there are some powerful concepts in
    there as well as it (not IT) is easy reading.

  3. Afterward, we should have a bookclub meeting—-too “Ohpra’ish” but it could be a great way to invite some members to attend some type of small members group.

    Just a thought.

    Oh yea, I am reading the book!

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