Posted by: Ed | July 30, 2008

Limited Engagement of Enchanted Video

o.k…. o.k. … O.K. ALREADY!

You’ve been asking to see the Enchanted musical number staring… ME! Well for copyright reasons it’s a little tricky, but for a short while I’m putting up the Dan Stevers directed & produced video! (you can check out a lot of the videos from our services on youtube – search Journey Community Church or Dan Stevers)

RESULTS: I actually won this award for my performance, but I’m not sure I deserved it.



  1. Thank you for the second chance to get a good chuckle at your expense. You all were wonderful and made the song much easier to hear again. I will be sure to share this version with many of my friends before it is gone forever. Maybe it will inspire some to come to church more often!?
    I look forward to Sundays!

  2. Wow…makes me want to take this to our elder team and say, “We have GOT to get this dude back out here to speak!!!” Good work, my friend.

    Still haven’t tossed the velcro wallet.

  3. Thanks so much for posting the video. It was just as funny and enjoyable the second time around. Our family gathered around the computer monitor and laughed, and laughed! So creative.

  4. Three words: Out-freaking-standing! I am a bit shocked though that you would be apart of a bit of this kind of mockery given your love of The Sound of Music and The Little Mermaid. You are so the man!

  5. My kids have watched it over and over. They think it’s better then the movie. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Great Job!!! What a great guffaw we had watching that video…

    JCC is on cutting edge, no doubt…

    Keep up the great choreography “skillz”!


  7. OK, I laughed my……um……butt off! Matt is right, JCC is on the cutting edge. Our church has some cutting edge stuff going……that Harmonica played with the Bill Gaither Song was a bit edgy for us….but hey we pulled it off…..and we have even begun to use computers with our ministry….. those atari 64’s are so sweet and cheap on Ebay!

  8. I’m glad that you all agree that I have a 2nd career waiting when this pastor thing has run it’s course.

    And if this helps the velcro wallet to live a little longer it was all worth while!

  9. Thank you SO MUCH for posting the video. I’ve been looking for it every week. It’s hilarious!

    We just started attending Journey in the middle of the God at the Movies series and we love it! We look forward to Sundays. Thanks!

  10. This video was funny. I miss Journey.

    We are living in Prescott Valley Arizona and attend the new Calvary Chapel Frontier. Our church is exactly where Journey was back when it started in Rancho San Diego and then moved to La Mesa.

    I will send this link to our friends that joined Journey while stationed in San Diego and now live in North Carolina. Thanks for the laugh.

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