Posted by: Ed | July 13, 2008


Before we get too far from God at the movies, I wanted to mention a couple of movies that didn’t make it but are worth mentioning. Both of these flicks ALMOST made it into the God at the Movies 08 series.

BELLA – I thought long and hard about Bella. It came down to either doing BELLA or JUNO. Bella is a beautiful film with a great plot, a powerful story. You definitely should watch it if you haven’t. The final seen is SO moving, if you don’t choke up a little, I dunno… Here’s what it came down to: Juno was nominated for an Oscar, it made a ton of money & was widely seen. It’s always ideal to connect with movies that lots of people have seen

THE KINGDOM – This movie was actually on the original promo piece. This movie was violent, had lots of bad language & didn’t exactly leave one feeling uplifted. The value of the movie was in the perspective that it lent. It was a powerful portrayal of the eye for an eye, revenge cycle that this world is caught up in. Someone on our team (thanks again, April) lobbied hard for Kite Runner – my favorite movie of the series & for that matter the entire year.

As I write this, I’m on vacation. Right now we’re staying with some friends in Menlo Park (near San Francisco) and us boys went to see “Hancock” this afternoon. Right now, we’ll need will to come in with another movie if Will Smith is going to get in again in 09.



  1. Yes, Kite Runner was my favorite also. A really powerful movie, I’m glad it made the cut. Have a great vacation, you are missed.

  2. Thanks for your take on The Kingdom. I had a hard time sitting through all the violence but since it was on the list, I sat through it. The Kite Runner was uncomfortable to sit through but had a lot more meaning for me. I think that all the movies choosen were perfect for the series. I looked at each movie differently after each of your sermons on them, many times with a smile, like “now I get it!”
    Enjoy the time away and it will be great to have you back to share with us some more of your great slides. You are taking pictures, aren’t you?????

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