Posted by: Ed | June 26, 2008


Right now I’m watching Fresno State in the College World Series.

I have 2 connections here:

When I lived in Omaha [1984 – 1992 – all our kids were born there], it was always a fun time of year when the CWS would come around. Roosenblat Stadium in South Omaha would be packed. It was a fun, festive atmosphere. There is something pure about college baseball.

The other connection of course is Fresno. We lived there from 1992 – 2000 when we came to Journey here in San Diego. Fresno is a great town. I know, I’ve heard & believe me, they have heard, all the little jokes. But it’s a great town! Great people. On most days you can see the Sierra’s jetting up, capped with snow year round. Fresno is one of the 5 or 6 largest cities in CA, but it still feels like a college town. They are really into FSU sports. Our church was close to the campus. We had a great college ministry with Joe Broussard & later Josh Hawley.

So, the Bulldogs are trying to be the lowest seated college team to win a national championship in ANY sport!!! So for all my homies in Fresno – FRES-YES! GO DOGS!!!


DOGS (the right dogs) WIN!

I am sure that people in Fresno are amped! It would be a great time to be in the Valley!




  1. I can attest that people here in fresno are pumped. Everywhere you go you see people sporting t-shirts that say “the underdogs go wonderdogs.” I just had dinner last night at a local pizza parlor which was packed and glued to the TV screens watching the game. When FSU did well, the masses roared. Going for a walk later at a neighborhood park, neighbors emerged from their houses after the game and brought their dogs out…..what had everyone just finished? THE GAME! What was the discussion? Fresno WON! You would be having a ball here Ed if you still lived here during this time! But I’m sure you enjoy it from your lovely so. cal home. =)

  2. Are you saying that there is something “pure” about the “PING!”? All that being said: Go Dogs! That was an amazing run, upset and championship. It’s also what makes college baseball and basketball so sweet. No why can’t college football see that?

  3. Hey Ed,

    Can you believe this? I didn’t even know about this until today. LA probably doesn’t celebrate much from Fresno but this is awesome.

    I have 1 connection here, the husband of our mentor couple for our first year of marriage (after you certified the contract of course) is named Bill Watson. He moved up to Coalinga to play baseball at a JC and then transferred to Fresno State the year Beiden Field was completed.

    During practice that first week, Slugger Watson, generally a bench-warmer, knocks the first ball out of the park.

    Strangely enough, he remembered the imprint on his bat that day and upon a visit some 40 years later inadvertently purchases the very bat which he owns today.

    Crazy, but the foundation this victory rests on. :D

    Go Bears – Thanks Bill!

    Take care Ed. I hope OGN is fabulous. Paul wants me to come down so we can cry together. :D

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