Posted by: Ed | June 20, 2008


The message this last weekend centered around a passage in 1 Corinthians 16. Here’s the passage:

1Cor. 16:13 Be on the alert, bstand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. 14 Let all that you do be done in love.

It centered on the “act like men” phrase. In Greek it’s just one word: andreidzesthe (a loose transliteration). It’s a plural present middle imperative – i.e. it’s a command for us to be about something, not just do something. To develop the idea a little further, there are 2 words that get translated “man”. One is “anthropos” where we get the discipline of anthropology, usually referring to mankind. Then there is the word “aner” which is used when they wanted to talk about ‘man’ as opposed to woman (gyne). This is from the verbal form of that noun if that make any sense. It is about “man” as opposed to “boy”, not as opposed to “woman” in this context.

In the message, I said that if Paul were writing this idiomatically today, he would say, “man up!”

So in my effort to “MAN UP!” I am trying to stop my crying & deal with the Lakers’ embarrassing loss last Tuesday. I was hoping against hope to be watching the 4th quarter of game 7 at this moment right now. So here goes:

* The better team won – *(*&^% I hate saying this. But, the evil Celtics came in not getting the respect that the team with the best record should have.

* The Lakers were soft – I really $%%^^& hate saying this. Back in the 80s there was this idiotic contrast of the blue collar Celtics with the Hollywood Lakers and showtime. Magic, Byron (grew up in Inglewood like Paul Pierce), James & the Big Fella, the Captain with Michael Cooper (whom Larry says was the toughest defender he ever faced) were rock hard. It must have hurt them to see Sasha imitating a matador or a practice cone & Pau flopping around.

* Paul Pierce was the best player on the floor. I am no longer anti-Kobe. It’s all forgiven bro. But PP was unstoppable.

* The Zen Master was out coached. I hate to do this, but I lay the game 4 choke job at Phil’s feet.

O.k. enough. All of you can stop posting smack or condolences on the other places & we can have a centralized spot.

On another note, I finally brought myself to call my mom today – she is a much more passionate Lakers fan than me (I remember she called me when the great Chic Hearn died – it was the kind of late night call reserved for a death in the family :-). She is just coming out of a couple days of deperession. Hope you are all happy!!!

O.k. BRING IT. Ed’s manning up!

Steve, you can repost you blast here – we miss you bro!



  1. Smack Repost:

    Hey Bro, I was going to email you and give you a hard time but i figured you probably got a fair share of that already. Lakers suck… Here are my three reasons why I cheered for the Celtice this playoffs and championship series.

    1- Kobe is the most selfish player to ever play the game, to mention him in the same sentence with any of the greats is a SIN. He should join the And 1 street ball tour.

    2- You’ve gotta love the story of unselfishness between the big 3. 3 agendas set aside for 1 championship. Simply Amazing.

    3- Phil Jacksons Tai-Chi crap doesn’t work anymore. He should ask DOC for a few tips about the basics of basketball, like DEFENSE!

    As much as you hate the C’s you know deep down in you’re heart that they deserve it.

    I hope all is well with you!

    p.s. Kobe will never win another Championship, I don’t care who they bring in. Remember Gasol was suppose to be the missing piece. Kobe sucks! Should’ve kept Shaq.

  2. Sorry ED but I agrre with the person on top. Lakers went down an it feels great.

  3. Ed,
    The Lakers stink!!! You should be ashamed of yourself for rooting for such an ungodly and SOFT team. Please feel free to jump over to the Celtic bandwagon. WAR Larry Bird and Paul Pierce’s miraculous healing by the angel Gabriel in game 1. The Lakers are so bad they couldn’t even use the REA JINX which ususally curses any team I root for. It was fun hanging with you last weekend. See you in August.


  4. It’s funny how much more passion this engenders than all the wonderful spiritual posts :-)

    BTW – Magic still has more than Larry.

  5. Oh, man…..Magic has more than Larry? More what? I can only reflect on the 84 finals. Larry Bird, MVP w/ 27 points/game average. (Not so) Magic, 18 points/game. Yea, I know, he had mega-assists, very impressive, and was without question the 2nd best player in the series…….a harbinger of the 1st & 2nd best players of their time…………………..

    I confess, I remember the excitement of the 84 finals, but I had to surf to get the details … oldzeimers.

    But it’s just a game! I am very proud of you for manning up!

  6. By the way, that last post was by Ed #2……..our pastor doesn’t have a split personality, and he hasn’t “seen the light” when it comes to BB.

  7. Ed, mi tokaio!
    More Rings – college… and pros. It’s about the rings!

    The one thing we will never see again: the number of “50 greatest” on the same floor & the number of all stars in one game.

  8. You are right! Those were the good old days of bucket ball, never to return. The best part of this year’s playoffs for me was seeing Bill Russell. And yes, I am so old I actually watched Bill, Hondo, and the Cooz play! Or is it my imagination, and I just listened to the games on the radio before the advent of television?!

  9. Wow, Ed – After reading all the smack, I feel like I need to throw some support your way and let you know that you are not alone. I too rooted for the Lakers and I too was slammed with smack talk about the Lakers. Now I admit I did my fair share of talking up the Lakers and talking down the Celtics, but let me tell you: I was slammed throughout the finals with smack texting, emails, and I even got it verbally from some of the ladies I work with who don’t typically follow sports… hmm go figure. I was thinking they were jumping on the Celtics bandwagon, but then again, maybe they just despise all LA teams as some people do. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that someone else was standing beside you cheering for the Lakers throughout the series and that I’m sending a cyber hug your way.

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