Posted by: Ed | June 18, 2008


There were so many highlights to last weekend. It was a big weekend at Journey!!!
• In cased you missed it, this Sunday we launched our NEW SERVICE TIMES – from 8:30 & 10:30 to 9:00 & 10:45. Our service attendance on Sundays was getting pretty lopsided. The 2nd service was well over 80% capacity, while at times the 8:30 was sometimes roughly half. Well it worked great & props to all of you! The services were roughly even. So we were able to clear some room to grow without expanding a room or adding a service!
• FATHERS DAY SERVICE – The song Say What You Need to Say was perfect! I’m so grateful for our photographers Dan & Jonathan, and putting together the Fathers & Kids pictures. How cool was it that we had a sports memorabilia show & the classic car show.
• DAD’S DAY MESSAGE – It was a weird week. Sometimes it goes this way – beat your head against the wall & feel like you are getting nowhere & then the message just breaks through. I felt like God was really speaking to us from that passage in 1 Cor 16:13-14.
• I could tell that God was moving. There were a couple of emails that really moved me, here is one – this is actually the conclusion of a several emails
Thank you so much for an incredible service and for taking the time to met ¬¬¬¬¬_________! It was the best I have seen him in 3 years and he truly is recovering. He hung on every word and I peaked and saw him raise his hand at the end of the service. I think that God spoke to him today.
Thanks again for your love and support!
See you next weekend!
• Our good friends Donnie & Barbie were in town for the weekend – I’m grateful for the rich tapestry of friendships that God has woven in my life. We watched the Laker game together (talk about the love of Christ – watching the finals w/ a Celtics fan!!!) & had a great surf session on Monday.
• Speaking of Fathers day, I’m struck by how blessed I am that my Dad stuck around & although he was a flawed man, I honestly never doubted that he loved me & would do anything for me. I’m am grateful beyond words that he came to Christ before his death. I’m grateful for my own kids – we have a great relationship; each one of them knows & loves God. Each of them loves church (not always the case with pastor’s kids), love the ministries they are involved in & are impact players in the Kingdom – the very prayer I prayed over each of them from the day of their birth (and before). I think you would agree. I am blessed so far beyond anything I could possibly deserve!



  1. Hey Bro, I was going to email you and give you a hard time but i figured you probably got a fair share of that already. Lakers suck… Here are my three reasons why I cheered for the Celtice this playoffs and championship series.

    1- Kobe is the most selfish player to ever play the game, to mention him in the same sentence with any of the greats is a SIN. He should join the And 1 street ball tour.

    2- You’ve gotta love the story of unselfishness between the big 3. 3 agendas set aside for 1 championship. Simply Amazing.

    3- Phil Jacksons Tai-Chi crap doesn’t work anymore. He should ask DOC for a few tips about the basics of basketball, like DEFENSE!

    As much as you hate the C’s you know deep down in you’re heart that they deserve it.

    I hope all is well with you!

    p.s. Kobe will never win another Championship, I don’t care who they bring in. Remember Gasol was suppose to be the missing piece. Kobe sucks! Should’ve kept Shaq.

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