Posted by: Ed | June 13, 2008

I think I’m going to be SICK!!!

The Lakers just blew a 24 point lead. At least I think they did. I turned it off with 3.6 seconds left. I have to snap out of it (which includes some confessing & repenting). I was not a very pleasant person to be around the last hour or so. I kept saying that I was excited about the renewed rivalry with the Evils errr I mean the Celtics, but rivalries are only fun in the moment when you win.

AHHHHHH!!!!!! (*&^%$

O.K. – Back to work on this weeks message.



  1. Hey Ed how can I e-mail you besides here?

  2. Hey Ed,
    It’s been a long time, and great to see things are going well for you and the family. Some people might say Laker fans are spoiled and that we (as Laker fans) should be content just to be in the Finals, but it’s about banners and rings and that punch to the gut last night was brutal. My wife (Joni) keeps our blog pretty current and I’ll pitch in every now and again – check it out when you get a chance. Just brought another Dodger fan into the world last week, so life is GOOD =).

  3. I know exactly what you are feeling. I’m settling my debt to Daryl by wearing green today because of the Lakers losing last night. urgh… I feel sick… I feel green. ewww. Come on, Lakers – get it together and hold it together!

  4. Since I’m not a big fan of Kobe, and I have always loved the celtics, I will say that the celtics take game 5 putting the lakers out of their misery…Sorry

  5. Ed,

    I got a chance to see our old buddy Jim Hill talk about the win. He is still around in LA on CBS and looks and sounds as good as ever. The only other thing I miss is Chick Hearn calling the games. Go Lakers!

  6. Ed, I bet you feel REALLY sick today. Oh well, it was just not meant to be. Hopefully you have recovered from the horrible loss. It’s a beautiful day!!

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