Posted by: Ed | May 20, 2008


What a great beginning to God at the Movies 5!
The fun factor that I mentioned in another post was off the off the hook.

Rod drinking his weight in Sunny D

I loved the songs that we used from the movie. Of course I’m a little biased since my son & Tegan were the ones doing that Moldy Peaches song.
David & Teagan

The invite factor was rockin’ as well! I got introduced to dozens of friends & guests who were checking stuff out. The 10:30 service looked a lot like Christmas or Easter – that was cool.

Since I’m already overusing the term factor, there was one other that was high & honestly I was a little surprised. It was, for lack of a better way of saying it, the “stirring” of the Holy Spirit. I think it started with the new worship song that Jason & the team lead us in. Then during the message, I was surprised by how deeply moved people were & how many people were grabbing for tissues. Although we didn’t make this “an abortion message”, I did mention it & called Juno an “accidentally pro-life movie”. I have done a message on abortion at least once a year for as long as I can remember, but something was different this weekend. There were numerous women who came up seeking healing prayer. Just the mention of abortion stirs up powerful emotions in so many men & women. I’m going to talk about this in another blog post soon.

People made a real connection with the idea of believing & really leaning into the imago dei in themselves & affirming it in others. I really do believe that the reward for setting our course to live in cooperation with God’s renewal of the imago in us is that thing called “brokenhearted joy” (I believe that I 1st heard this phrase from John Piper). If you want to know what it was like from the stage at this point in the service, I remember saying some funny comment and … NOTHING. I knew right away & could feel the heaviness in the room. But it was a sweet thing not oppressive.

I’m already looking forward to next weekend!



  1. Ed,
    I agree with your assessment of the weekend. You did a great job with the message as well. In addition I sense we could be in for a great run of weekends. I just finished watching 3:10 to Yuma. Incredibly moving. I am looking forward to this weekend.


  2. Eddy,

    Crystal and I just finished watching “Juno” last night in prep for listening to your Sunday Morning talk at Journey. We are waiting for the Pod cast since Illinois to San Diego is a bit of a weekend drive for us! So pleased that the weekend went well for the Journey Family. Looking forward to the Podcast…..


  3. I agree. I saw a mom pick up her son after the second service and she obviously had been crying. I wish I had said something to her but I was too busy in the moment. She was kind of late picking up her child so I’m hoping she went down for prayer. I guess there is always next week since I know who she is.

  4. There definitely was a heaviness sunday morning. I was at 830 and the brokenhearted joy was present. In the U2/MaryJBlige “One’ video, there is a line where she sings…”you asked me to enter, but then you made me crawl. I can’t keep holdin on to what you got, when all you got is hurt”…as I listened sunday morning, that popped into my mind. My understanding of that is that we are going to experience the broken heartendness of God, the closer we get, but the joy is that HE is standing right there with us in it…YAHWEY…am I on the mark here?–33294728;_ylt=AnP0Q.fptqt6IRQL_Q0pj9vesyUv

  5. Hey Ed!
    I was over in Encounter, so I missed on the amazing 10:30AM service I keep hearing about. :)
    But, I wanted to tell you one story–
    One of my high school girls invited her Mom to Main Service. Her Mom grew up in a church but somehow got burned by a church as an adult…and hasn’t really been back since. But her Mom came!
    After service, her Mom came to the Encounter room and had clearly been crying. She told her daughter and me that something amazing had happened in her in service! I still haven’t heard the whole story, but how cool is that?!

    I will give you an update when i find out!

  6. Yeah, I felt it too at the 8:30am. My wife (who is the way more experienced christ follower in this relationship) explained it this way to me. As unbelievable as this is going to sound, I was also crying. She said what is happening is that God is healing my heart and changing me, softening my heart. Making me into God’s image. I know that when you were talking about Jesus asking the woman who condemns her and there was no one and He said then I won’t condemn you either I was practically sobbing. Thanks for the wonderful message. And the orange tic tacs. Journey rocks!

  7. Dude…

    It sounds like this is turning out to be the greatest God at the Movies series ever! I’m so proud to see what you guys are doing!

    Ugh, this makes me miss Journey 1,000 times more!

  8. Thanks for all the comments. It was an epic weekend. I’m an hour & a half away from Fri’s service & wondering how this week could live up to last.

    Bub, I was choking up too at some of the scenes.

    J – I miss your encyclopedic pop culture knowledge.


  9. Maybe late to the comments, but I don’t think I could have written about my emotions until now. The first time I saw the movie I just laughed (and cried a bit) but Ed, your unboxing, of the film tore me from end to end. I can not have children, and am too old now anyway, I have always had this tough exterior that God knew what He was doing. I have friends who have had abortions, miscarriages, etc., Ed, you did an amazing job at touching everyone, male, female, young and old. Once again “thank you” is not nearly enough, so I thank God for your talent you share.

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