Posted by: Ed | May 5, 2008


Here’s a couple of highlights from the weekend that we just had a Journey. It just occurred to me that one of the advantages of this blog thing we are doing is that very few of us are at all 3 services & there always seems to be some things in each services that are unique & some of them are worth sharing.


Max is a 6 year old that is struggling with a horrible form of cancer that is threatening his life.

[]  He is the nephew of a Randee Ferry who came to Christ at Journey. Max’s family doesn’t come to Journey yet, but lots of us are praying for him. I have been offering through Randee to have us lay hands & anoint him with oil. When I got an email from Randee on Friday I felt a leading to pray for him as a church on Friday. Randee had her sis on the her cell phone & listened as everyone in the service spoke to the Lord about Max. We prayed for a miracle. Would you take a moment right now to lift up Max in prayer. 

MESSAGE CLARIFICATION 1 – Someone asked me (thanks David Y) how my point about “stop wasting our lives complaining” fits with all the Psalms of complaint & the whole book of Lamentation. Good question! One of the tough things about ONE message is that often you can only deal with one side of a truth. I have taught often on the importance of the real you relating to the real God. We need to be real. But there is a place where we are just whining & being negative. 

MESSAGE CLARIFICATION 2 – I saw someone at the gym Sunday afternoon & they said they disagreed with the point about “very few people feeling they are where they ought to be”. They said their life was the story of God putting them in way better places than they deserved to be & that they constantly are amazed at how they have no idea how they are in the position they are in. I agree. I feel like that too. I was trying to address the need to lead where you ARE, not where you WISH you were, no waiting to lead (influence) till you are in a better place. 

LEAD SUMMIT SIGN UPS! Including online side ups we have over a hundred journey people already signed up. I’ve loved the 2 clips we have run during the message – Catherine Rohr last week & Wendy Kopp. Its not to late. I think it’s about you believing in God’s work in YOUR life enough to invest in your own impact. May the Lord grow our faith! 

It is great to be a part of a church like Journey. I honestly think my 3 favorite times of the week are Friday at 7:00 p.m. Sunday at 8:30 & 10:30! 



  1. Hey there Ed,
    I think you are hitting on some really important issues. I have a question… is where I am suposed to bring me closer to God? Why must we have considerable suffering? Why must each decision bring us to another one with more weight than the previous?
    I guess I am not comfortable with where I am…and I want to find an easier, softer way, but there is not one readily apparent. I despise conflict, but find myself in it continuously.
    I don’t know where I am going with this, but know that I appreciate you and your messages.

  2. Hi Pastor Ed,
    I loved the messege and have gone over my notes several times saturating my soul. I believe that I am in a place in my life where I need to lead where I am and I tend to forget that through all the muck. Christ has moved mountains for me including bringing me from another church to Journey. Love it!!
    I want to get involved in some way. Not sure what God has for me but I feel a tug and it is in my nature to get in and serve.
    I loved when you said “Leadership is effective when people are not agreed with but understood (heard).” So true.
    See you at the gym.
    Thanks for all you do,

  3. hi pastor Ed I wanted to comment on the salahs all the prayers that go out people praying and sharing I know God is working on his time for all the healings we have to keep up the faith. where 2 or 3 are gathered God is with all of us. also do you believe in “speaking in tounges. I always pray where does God want me be more involved in jcc. The whole last month your messages have been going to my heart, so keep up the good work God is moving in all of our lives even when we don’t see this.

  4. Ed,
    Thank you for including Max on your blog this week. The prayer has meant so much to us and praise–the pain is under control and Max came home last night. He is still going to clinic for chemo and is set up for more radiation over the next few days. The new pain med is a steroid causing some heavy emotional ups and downs which are pretty confusing for Max. Our Lord has been very evident in this battle and we continue to pray for a miracle for Max. Again, thank you so much for your continued concern and prayer–God’s Blessings to you!! Randee

  5. Patricia,
    Thanks for the question & for your honesty. God can really move when we are real & honest.
    It’s hard to give specific answers about our life situations in this format. Here’s a try though:
    * There are seasons that we are in a difficult place and it is because of choices that we’ve made. God can use that nonetheless.
    * There are seasons that are difficult because of the evil in other people’s lives. God can use that nonetheless.
    * Many of the difficult situations in our lives will not be because of any discernible cause.
    The main point is wherever you are be the influencer that you can be.
    There is by the way nothing wrong with asking God to change our situation. Lead us not into temptation!

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