Posted by: Ed | April 25, 2008

Why I want you to go to the LEADERSHIP SUMMIT

True confession: I don’t really like going to conferences. I think in the 8 years I’ve been at Journey I have maybe gone to 3 or 4 (all but one was actually IN SD). But I am FIRED UP about the Leadership Summit. I HAVE GONE TO & LOVED EVERY ONE! I am always blown away by something at the Summit & to be honest (I can say this humbly b/c I have nothing to do with making this happen) we do a great job of hosting it. Here’s some thoughts: 

* Vision is caught by being around visionaries – there is no one that I know that can bleed vision like Bill Hybles. I have NEVER failed to be moved by one of his talks & he always opens & closes the Summit. 

* God’s Kingdom is Larger than I think & more diverse than I think – they always have a wonderful diversity of leaders doing marvelously diverse things at the Summit. 

* Leadership is a “Common Grace” that God has given to mankind. There is a spiritual gift of leadership (Rom 12:8) but there it is also one of the ways that we reflect the imago dei. Often some of the best sessions at the LS are lead by people that aren’t yet Christ followers. I loved one year how the brilliant Jim Collins talked about the church & it’s potential w/ greater passion than I had seen in a long time & he had already stated that he is not yet  Christ follower, but is reading the New Testament & is seeking. It was a kairos! 

* If you go to Journey… drum roll… you can go to the Summit this year for $75.00. Yes, one tank of gas. Rock On Rod, Jason & Alex. I pray that we have hundreds of Journey-ites at the Summit. I pray that YOU will be there. 



  1. Ed-
    Loved the message today. I just processed 17 registrations for the Summit! I hope more people will reflect on what you said and realize that everyone is a leader, even if they don’t have a “leadership title”. Everyone has something to gain from attending the Summit. I can’t say enough about how it influences my life every year. Personally, I liked your comment about Matthew Levi, that Jesus didn’t shield him from the challenges leadership brings, but gave him the support and tools needed to succeed. The Summit is one huge resource for me to handle the challenges I face in my leadership duties.

  2. My husband sent me to my first Leadership Summit 4 years ago. I went grudgingly. I am so glad I went!!! I haven’t missed since. (I made him go the next year and he hasn’t missed)
    It’s kinda like working out: you dread going but when it’s done, you’re so glad you did it and you get so much out of it.
    No excuses….don’t miss the Summit. You will not regret!

  3. I was listening to a sermon on the iPod by RC Sproul, and he mentioned that there are many gifts that God gives, that aren’t removed when the person is out of fellowship with God. His example was King Saul, who when he was in sin, and pursuing to kill David, still had the gift of leadership and prophecy. Dr. Sproul’s point being, that gifts are not a good way to tell if someone is in God’s will or in fellowship.

    Random thought 273.


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